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Mosaic Home Decor

Transforming an old piece of furniture into a staple piece in your home is so exciting! We love to recycle and make things new again. Below is a sampling of some of the work we have done.

Company Logos

A logo is an identifying symbol of a company. I am honored to have replicated several company logos in stained glass. 

Glass Logos

Abstract is my favorite style of stained glass. I mix together all colors and textures and wow! I have several abstract pieces on the table right now, all unique in their own way.

Eye Catcher

This piece is made with over 100 pieces of stained glass, different colors and textures. Framed with a hanging chain, this piece would be pretty on a porch or garden area.

  • It’s unpredictable.

  • It’s everywhere.

  • It affects everyone, differently.

  • It comes in many shapes.

  • Just when you think you understand its pattern, it changes direction.

  • It’s chaotic.

12 X 12 Framed Abstract

Client wanted a mini abstract piece to hang her office window. I used black patina on the solder to really make the colors pop. 

12 X 12 Abstract.jpg

We have so many requests to make custom pieces shaped like animals. They are so fun, not only to select the glass colors but to see them come to life when putting all the pieces together.


The client wanted a dolphin in a variety of pinks with a hanging chain. This guy looked just as good next to a solid wall as he did in the sun.

German Shepherd_edited.jpg
German Sheperd

This was a Christmas gift for the client's daughter. They have a German shepherd and her favorite color is yellow. He will brighten any room or window. 

Cats, Cats & More Cats

These pieces turned out super cute and looked so good in the light. 

No Drama for this Llama!

Client requested for a simple llama made with brown and white earth tones. 

Teddy Bear

Client requested for a teddy bear with the Dutch flag colors.