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As the Marketing Director for Maysville Community and Technical College for many years, I got to plan and participate in events that focused on recruitment and student growth.


Some of my most memorable moments at MCTC were being able to give away full-ride scholarships to students during the halftime ‘free throw shooting contests’ and promoting such a wonderful (underutilized) community resource during the monthly radio shows with guests across their 19-county service region.


$1,000's were given away in to lucky students during different contests.



I take advantage of every opportunity to get a little air time. Seize the day!



Promoting MCTC programs on the radio was a such a fun part of my job.



Many of the contest winners have completed their associates degree at MCTC and are now pursuing their bachelor's.



New classroom, campus and building signage was installed on every campus under my direction.



New recruitment brochures, promotional items, table covers were purchased to make it more visually appealing during college fairs and school visits.

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